The hire period is for up to four days only.  We will pick up your bin on the fourth day at any time during the day, unless specified & agreed upon booking.  If we are unable to pick up your bin for operational reasons, we will attempt to contact you to discuss an alternate collection day.  If the bin is inaccessible when attempting to pick it up, a cancellation fee will apply.  If you require the bin for longer, long term hire charges may apply.

The placement, fi­lling and pick up of bins are under the direct orders and control of the customer and the customer indemni­fies VinsBins (Cleanaway Pty Ltd trading as) against any loss, damage or injury as a result.

To pay VinsBins (Cleanaway Pty Ltd trading as) for any damage caused to the equipment whilst on the customers premises or under his or her control, at the rate invoiced by VinsBins (Cleanaway Pty Ltd trading as) .

To pay any extra costs caused to VinsBins (Cleanaway Pty Ltd trading as) as a result of overloading or incorrect loading of the bin by the customer, his or her agent or other person(s) whilst the bin is on the customer’s premises or under his or her control.

VinsBins (Cleanaway Pty Ltd trading as) will not accept any responsibility for any injury to person or persons, or damage to property belonging to the customer or any other person, arising out of the use of service, however such injury or damage was caused.

The placement of the bin to the customer’s verbal or written instructions, at the time of placement of his or her order, will constitute the customer’s acceptance of these conditions should the customer be absent from the premises at the time of delivery of the bin.

The customer agrees to pay all rates invoiced by VinsBins (Cleanaway Pty Ltd trading as) for any extra costs incurred as a result of VinsBins (Cleanaway Pty Ltd trading as) or the customer being ordered to remove the bin by any statutory or other authority.

  • Bin Overload
  • Council Permit Required
  • Mattresses
  • Tyres
  • Bin Damage
  • Wet Concrete in Bin
  • Mud/Clay in Bin
  • Loads contaminated with Asbestos / Non Conforming Waste (Including Paints/Liquids)
  • Long Term Hire
  • Cancellation Fee
  • Truck waiting time

Cancellation to your bin hire may be made up to 24 hours (working days only) prior to your chosen delivery date.  In such circumstances, please call our sales team on 03 5981 5981 and we can arrange a change to your bin delivery date or a refund (minus a $30 processing & handling fee).