VinsBins is a leader in the skip hire industry, where we pride ourselves on our friendly and professional service. Our Customer Service staff are all knowledgeable and helpful, as are our Drivers who are all experienced operators who will deliver, change over and pick up your VinsBins bin at a time that suits you and in the safest spot for your use.

Hiring a VinsBins bin is a simple and cost-effective way for you to get rid of all your waste material.  Unlike tipping it yourself, VinsBins will attempt to recycle all of your waste without the need for adding to the local landfill sites.  It’s all part of our using more, wasting less business philosophy.

So, in summary, VinsBins:
  • Is competitively priced
  • Saves you time and cost compared to landfill disposal
  • Provides prompt delivery and removal
  • Improves your site safety by using a dedicated disposal bin point
  • Improves your site aesthetics for the duration of your work
  • Offers you a range of skip sizes
We have a range of bin sizes to suit all jobs and situations. Starting from 3 cu m up to 15 cu m, we’re sure you’ll find one to suit your needs. Go to the Bins & Skips tab for a detailed understanding of each bin size.
Please call and speak to one of our friendly customer service staff. They are more than happy to help you determine what size bin will be required to best suit your needs.
VinsBins operates from our purpose built waste transfer station in Dromana. We can service the local area the same day, offering to deliver a VinsBins from Portsea to Frankston when you need it. In many cases we can supply a bin to your site within 2 hours.
Given the broad area we service we aim to provide a 2 – 3 hour delivery timeframe. If timing is critical, 24 hours is all we need to ensure we’re there when you need us.
A VinsBins bin is able to be hired for up to 4 days. If you need longer, please let one of our customer service team know when booking your next VinsBins.
There is a daily rental charge applicable for any VinsBins on site for longer than 4 days. Please speak to our customer service team for further details.
Payment is made on delivery of your VinsBins bin hire. The following payment methods are accepted here at VinsBins:
  • Over the phone with your choice of Visa or Mastercard credit or debit cards
  • Cheque payments on delivery
  • Cash payments on delivery
  • Accounts can be set up for approved applicants subject to satisfaction of our standard credit check and agreement to our terms of trade
VinsBins is committed to providing our customers with convenient and secure payment channels. For most people, the most convenient and reliable payment method is the use of a credit card. As a responsible business and to maintain customer confidence in our brand, VinsBins adheres to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCIDSS). This is a set of comprehensive requirements for enhancing payment account data security and is industry best practice for storing, processing and transmitting cardholder data. Every year VinsBins, through merchant Bendigo Bank, undergoes a Self-Assessment Questionnaire and completes a Vulnerability Scan. This provides us a thorough analysis of our payment card data security and allows us to make improvements where there are any recognised gaps in our business. The only people who can view complete credit card details for processing payments is our accounts department. This allows our sales staff to receive & record card details and at the same time reduces the amount of people who have access to card information. To date our card data has not been compromised and we remain committed to ensuring we are compliant with all PCIDSS requirements.
It's amazing what we find in our VinsBins. Besides the odd bike, surfboard or skis, here's a list of common items people use a VinsBins for:
  • General materials, such as household hard waste and green waste and light builders waste, including metals, plastic, timber and plaster.
  • Heavy weight materials such as tiles, concrete, bricks and dirt.
Asbestos can be removed provided it is wrapped up – we are licensed to transport and temporarily store it on our site. We will supply you the plastic and tape plus a dedicated asbestos bin when you are ready to remove it.

Please note, although we do accept mattresses and tyres, extra charges apply.
The following items MUST NOT be put in a VinsBins bin:
  • Asbestos (without prior agreement)
  • Liquids (Oil, paint, etc)
  • Contaminated materials
  • Hazardous or EPA prescribed waste
  • Hot Ashes
Please note, a fee will apply if any of these materials are found in one of our Vins Bins.
In no circumstances can a VinsBins be filled above the rim. It is illegal to transport an overfilled bin and our drivers are subject to heavy fines and demerit points if caught doing so. If a VinsBins is overfilled we'll give you the option to hire an additional bin, or to remove the excess material. Remember, all labour costs incurred by you will be your own responsibility. If there is nobody on site when the collection occurs, the driver will, at his own discretion, attempt to remove the excess material and place it in a pile as close as possible to the skip’s location. In cases where the excess is not removed and a Vins Bins remains for extended periods, you may become liable for additional charges including rental, labour costs and additional transport costs if it becomes necessary for us to unload the excess.
You as the customer are in possession of a VinsBins bin and are responsible for what goes in it. Therefore, you will be responsible for any costs arising if anyone puts something in a VinsBins bin that is not allowed or overloads it.
Please advise us when ordering your next Vins Bin if you intend on getting rid of any Asbestos material. Asbestos can be found in many materials in houses built up until 1990. If in doubt as to whether or not a material might contain asbestos, please consult an expert before placing it in a VinsBins. Please refer to state government information If asbestos is found in a Vins Bins prior to removal from a customers property without our prior knowledge, high decontamination costs and possibly very heavy penalties may be imposed. You as the customer will be responsible for the payment of all costs immediately.
All our trucks offload VinsBins from the rear, either using two parallel hoists or a hooklift system where the bed of the truck tips up and the VinsBins is rolled off. Since we first began, VinsBins have placed our bins in a variety of places around homes and other buildings, but there are limitations to where you can get your VinsBins in to. You can always put a Vins Bins within your own property subject to space requirements, but if you need to put the VinsBins on the road or nature strip, different rules apply. A permit is required within most shires for placement of a bin on the road or naturestrip - see council permits question below.
  • Municipalities have different rules about placing skips in the public area. Generally, most require a permit for placement on either the road or nature strip, with varying charges and allowable timeframes to do this.
  • VinsBins is approved with many councils and will be happy to arrange this permit for you.
When you hire a VinsBins, you specify the collection date and it will be collected on that date unless you subsequently request otherwise. If a driver finds a VinsBins substantially empty, they will make attempts to have the customer contacted, but ultimately will have the discretion to remove the VinsBins if they see fit. If you arranged for your VinsBins to be picked up but the driver is turned away on arrival, you then become responsible for payment of any call out fee incurred for the additional trip.
If your VinsBins cannot be delivered for any reason, other than the fault of VinsBins, a cancellation fee will apply.
Congratulations on receiving a VIP voucher offer. We trust this will help you with your current clean up excercise. The terms and conditions are as follows:
  1. Available on 3m, 4m and 6m bins only
  2. Discount available on Green Waste or Base Rate prices only
  3. Does not apply to any Account Customer bin hire
  4. Any Cash Back offers are at the discretion of VinsBins and an account must be approved prior to any payment
  5. Payment is on delivery of the bin, using Credit Card or Cash only
  6. Cannot be redeemable for cash
  7. This offer expires 1 year after receipt of VIP voucher and cannot be replaced
  8. The hire period is up to a maximum of 4 days only
  9. Extra charges for overloading or long term hire remain
  10. All other conditions remain the same, including no paints, liquids, asbestos, hot ash or contaminated material is allowed in the bin

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