VinsBins has a range of bin sizes to cover all your waste management requirements.

Many feature walk-in capability with a door that opens from the rear. All bins come with our signature blue colour and are easily identifiable with the oft sighted VinsBins logo on the front and sides.

Please take a look at the images below for a guide to our bin size range. Bin size specifications will help you determine which one is right for you.

bin skip 3m

3m³ Skip Bin

Ideal site bin for any building projects
1.8m long x 1.8m wide x 1.1m deep
= 3 trailer loads

bin skip 4m

4m³ Skip Bin

Perfect for a home clean up with longer items
3.3m long x 1.7m wide x 0.9m deep
= 4 trailer loads

6m skip bin

6m³ Skip Bin

Sits neatly on all driveways, ready for any hard waste clean up
Strictly no soil, clay, concrete, brick or tile allowed in bin.
3.7m long x 1.9m wide x 1.3m deep NO DOOR
=6 trailer loads

bin skip 6m

6m³ Hook Bin

A favourite for home and garden clean ups with door access
4.6m long x 1.6m wide x 1.2m deep
= 6 trailer loads

bin skip 8m

8m³ Hook Bin

Our most popular bin for the building trade
5m long x 2m wide x 1m deep
= 8 trailer loads

bin skip 10m

10m³ Hook Bin

Great for clean ups when you need just a bit more room
5.7m long x 2.4m wide x 0.8m deep
= 10 trailer loads

12m³ Hook Bin

A popular bin on large construction sites, when there’s lots of waste and a high turnover of bins
6m long x 2.3m wide x 0.9m deep
= 12 trailer loads

15m³ Hook Bin

Our biggest bin when you’ve got plenty of lighter waste to move
6.2m long x 2.5m wide x 1.1m deep
= 15 trailer loads